Hello Guys

Hello guys I´m apologize with you because the blog isn´t working due to a personal situation.t

I hope that this comming week we can reactivate this blogs.

Regards to all of you,

Mauricio I recognized your participation!!

Miss Erika


Hello guys, in order to improve your writing skills, here you have a challenge for this week:inter

1.- Investigate an International new, something related to Education.

2.- You can use any resource (internet,tv,radio, newspaper, magazines)


3.- After you find and upload the information , you will write a solution for the problem involve it.

4.- You have two weeks for doing .

Please try to avoid translators !!!!

Have a nice week!!!

Regards Teacher Erika


Hello, it’s time to talk sports. Share us which is your favorite sport, who is your favorite team, player, etc..
My favorite sport is football, I like a lot especially when there is a major tournament.
I wait for  your participation and interaction with your classmates.
nice day!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Hello students I hope that you´ll have an excellent year .

This year will have a lot of activities, contests and many useful tools for all of you. Remember that every friday will be diferent activities here , in order to improve your English skills. This is part of your grades.

It´s a pleasure to work with you guys.


Teacher Erika Villicaña

Welcome to your blog!!!

Welcome to this blog , which is going to be very useful to improve your English skills, here you will get confidence, practice the knowledge you have been aquiring, and share with other users all topics that you want.

I hope that you enjoy using this tool, that I create for you!!!


Sincerly   your teacher    Erika Villicaña